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Windows Server 2016 Standard is the new cloud-ready server operating system from Microsoft. PC networking and management of these networks, as well as data provision and web hosting are some of the features available in your new server system. Windows Server 2016 Standard comes with many new features and therefore presents a new licensing model, no longer scaled by processors, but by cores. Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition is suitable for low-density or non-virtualized environments. Therefore, this edition is suitable for companies that use only physical servers or at most a couple of virtual machines.

What's new in Windows Server 2016 Standard

  • Increased speed and flexibility through the use of cloud technologies
  • “Zero-Trust” –Security service to protect your system against the latest threats
  • Failover-clustering to increase resilience to temporary network or storage failures
  • New server roles and rights for server system security
  • Minimal execution in NanoServer, without a graphical user interface to improve performance and reduce required requirements
  • Windows container for rapid application development and maximum flexibility

Strong infrastructure with Windows Server 2016 Standard

The Windows Server 2016 Standard operating system based on Microsoft's Windows 10 provides more stability, security and infrastructural innovation and supports you in the transition to a cloud environment. The various integrated layers of protection guarantee the safety of the system and all the data it contains. Furthermore, complex networks and data centers can be easily created.

The Standard Edition does not offer Shielded Virtual Machines, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) functions, Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica. These features are present in the Windows Server Datacenter 2016 edition.

New Windows Server 2016 licensing model

In previous versions, the license was for two physical CPUs. The new licensing model refers to the number of cores. For example, a server with at least 8 cores per processor and a total of at least two processors has a total of 16 cores.

So the license will be for 16 cores per server. Better equipped servers should be upgraded with additional licenses, available in increments of 2, 16 and 24 cores. In addition, you will need to add the appropriate user or device CALs.


Platform  windows
Supporting operating systems  Windows Server 2016 Standard
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