Windows Server 2012 Standard REUSED




Windows Server 2012 Standard, Download


Windows Server Standard 2012 is the successor of Windows Server 2008 R2. As a server version for the Windows 8 operating system, Windows 2012 Server Standard offers you correspondingly updated functionality. This includes the innovative Windows 8 user interface, numerous new features and programs as well as typical server functions running at high performance.

An all-rounder in the field of server management

Windows Server Standard 2012 offers you a reliable server operating system with a modern user interface, new features and many other improvements. The modern user interface, familiar from the Windows 8 operating system, is also used in Windows 2012 Server Standard, which optimizes the operation of the touchscreen. If you want to do without the modern user interface, the so-called basic installation is the best choice. This completely eliminates the graphical user interface and allows you to configure the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard operating system using PowerShell and the Windows command prompt. With Windows Server Standard 2012, the base installation is set by default, providing increased application performance. This is especially true when using SQL Server or Hyper-V.

In addition to the visual improvements, Windows 2012 Server Standard includes new features such as a redesigned task manager that categorizes running processes, blocks idle applications to improve performance, and simplifies application detection with a new interface. Additional features such as Active Directory Domain Services, the current Hyper-V virtualization platform, Microsoft Windows Azure and many others round off Windows Server Standard 2012 for an optimal server operating system.

New features and programs in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

Windows 2012 Server Standard offers you a stable operating system for the operation of your server, which with its numerous innovations and current features offers optimal support:

  • New Interface: Modern user interface optimized for touch screen operation
  • New Task Manager: Task Manager revised for better performance
  • SMB 3.0 Support: New protocol version for more stable and faster access to file shares
  • PowerShell 3.0: New PowerShell version for managing system settings
  • Microsoft Windows Azure: New feature for server security in the Azure cloud
  • Internet Information Service 8.0: Extended Validation Certificate Management

In addition to completely new functions and programs, Microsoft attaches great importance to the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard to keep the proven Windows Server 2012 up to date and optimized. These include the latest version of the Hyper-V virtualization platform with improved performance and improved DirectAccess. The latter has been optimized in such a way that the server now also contains technologies for IPv6 bridging and therefore PKI is no longer required.

Safe file management

As an additional security feature, Windows 2012 Server Standard now also has dynamic access control. This controls file access via metadata, so it works in addition to Active Directory security lines. For example, dynamic access control can ensure that unauthorized access is prevented even after a file has been moved to other directories. Files are also backed up. With the new Windows Server Standard 2012, Microsoft also introduces the new file system ReFS. This serves as a supplement to the well-known NTFS and was specially developed for file servers for storing data.

Windows Server 2012 Standard includes the use of two physical processors. The operating system also allows the use of two additional instances or virtual machines. Windows Server Standard 2012 is therefore perfectly suited for small and medium-sized businesses with moderate virtualization.

Windows Server 2012 Standard – System Requirements

Platform Windows
Operating system supported Windows Server 2012 Standard

at least 1.4 GHz processor with 64 bit

Working memory

at least 512MB

Hard disk space

at least 32GB