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The new Windows 10 Home operating system offers excellent support for both advanced users and novices. As can be seen from the term "Home", this new system is particularly suitable for the family. Windows 10 Home also has a modern user-friendly interface. This modern operating system adapts its properties to the device used. The system requirements for Windows 10 Home are the same as for previous versions Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. For this reason many old computers support this new version without any problem.

New features of Windows 10 Home

In parallel with the aesthetic changes, Microsoft Windows 10 Home presents new interesting features:

  • Cortana voice assistant
  • New Microsoft Edge browser
  • Facial and fingerprint recognition (for enabled devices)
  • Tablet mode "Continuum" for touch-screen devices
  • Windows Holographic: Application platform for system-associated holographic lenses (extended reality)

Programs and games

Microsoft Windows 10 Home contains well-known productivity programs such as email and calendar programs, and entertainment programs for music, video, and games. The system also comes with the new DirectX 12, which better supports graphics for games. Finally, it has a new game function for "Xbox one" that allows you to connect and play from your PC with your Xbox, significantly increasing streaming performance.

Functional changes in Windows 10 Home compared to previous versions

The well-known start menu of previous versions has been reworked and now offers a new customizable "tile" display with various functions. Microsoft Windows 10 Home allows the management of several virtual desktops. The Windows-Store, moving to Windows 10 Home, has been unified with all other versions.

Security and data protection

In terms of security, Microsoft Windows 10 Home supports the FIDO-Allianz 2.0 standard for internet authentication. Included with the biometric recognition is "Microsoft Hello", which allows identification without the use of any password. In terms of data protection, Win 10 Home allows a wider choice than previous editions. In the system settings all Microsoft components transmit data in the form of feedback, thus enabling complete customization of the system.

Optimal support with Microsoft Windows 10 Home

In the future, no more versions of Windows will be published, but these will remain served by periodic updates. This will allow Windows users not only to receive updates to fix any "bugs", but also to add new functions.

Note: This version of Windows 10 Home is not upgradable to the Windows 10 Professional version.


Platform  windows
Supporting operating systems  Windows 10
Processor  Processor or SoC of at least 1 GHz
RAM  1 Gb for 32-Bit or 2 Gb for 64-Bit
Hard disk  16GB for 32-Bit or 20GB for 64-Bit
Graphic card  DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 driver or higher
Audio card  /