What are ESD licenses ?

The ESD licenses they are, as the acronym Electronic Software Delivery makes clear, proprietary software that is made available exclusively in digital version.

If we stop to think, until a few years ago software licenses were exclusively sent in boxes with bulky paper instruction booklets and installation CD-ROMs. Nowadays, technology has evolved to such an extent that this type of support is no longer needed.

Whenever you want buy an ESD license, in fact, directly from the Store of the license brand, or from any other type of virtual store, the user who has made the purchase receives a serial code in the manner indicated.

It is a combination created specifically to be able to remotely activate the program that you have chosen to download. The peculiarity of ESD licenses, about which there are often still many doubts, concerns the fact that these products are almost considered illegal at first sight, when in reality they are completely original software and yet considered second-hand.

They are sold by the owner to third parties, who have the right to continue using the license, as of fact becomes their property.

How are these licenses different?

For the user, the purchase and installation phases are really simple. However you need to pay attention to the individual specifications as licenses are by no means all the same. From this point of view it is essential to know the differences between the different types of authorizations.

For example, those characterized by the acronym OEM, acronym of Original Equipment Manufacturer, indicate a constraint linked to the device on which they are installed.

At this point it becomes natural to ask what to do if you change your personal computer: would it be possible to continue using the OEM licensed program with the same serial number? The answer is intuitive: being linked to that specific PC, the key would no longer be valid once the device has been changed.

On the contrary, Office licenses allow you to transport programs from one hardware to another, always taking care to uninstall the license and reinstall it on the device you are going to use.

The ESD licenses available exclusively in digital format make it possible to completely reduce the costs associated with the shipment and management of the physical medium, which is in fact much cheaper and easier to distribute.

A particularly important aspect concerns the legality of ESD licenses, which for many is an open point: in Europe, contrary to what happens in the United States, using this type of license is completely permitted.

On our store, the licenses for sale come from European customers and are sold only within the EU.

Regulations and sentences 

Here you can download the official documents where you can view the cases and decisions of the European courts.

Judgment in Case C-128-11 of 3 July 2012

Case C‑128 11 of 3 July 2012

Case C‑128 11 of 3 July 2012

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